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bryan-finalThere are headaches, problems with bowel movements. Often, women complain that their chest hurts and spastic pains appear in the abdomen. Diagnosis is aimed at identifying a predisposing factor - a wide range of laboratory tests and instrumental procedures may be needed. Pathological causes of hypomenorrhea of this category. Scanty brown menstruation may appear due to factors that are not associated with the course of the pathological process. Among the harmless sources stand out.

Such a disorder is considered quite normal during the first menstruation in adolescent girls throughout the year and in the premenopausal period, which in most situations begins after 45 years. It is not uncommon for meager periods during early pregnancy - it can be both a natural phenomenon and the first sign of a spontaneous miscarriage. It is better to consult a specialist. It is worth taking into account scanty periods after a delay - in a woman of Cenforce pills, this may indicate pregnancy or an ectopic conception. In the postmenopausal period, scanty periods are the norm. The effect of medications on the hormonal system can provoke the appearance of such a problem as hypomenorrhea. In almost all situations, scanty periods appear when taking OK, but other medicinal substances can also affect this. Only in some cases, for a short period of time, meager periods will persist after Duphaston.

Hypomenorrhea occurs in women. Scanty menstruation was always present, and there was practically no profuse discharge. The main reason is congenital anomalies in the structure or development of the organs of the reproductive system. This variant of the course of the pathology is said when menstruation immediately after the first bleeding remains scarce for about 1 year in young girls. Secondary - if menstruation has always been normal, but became scanty for the first time. The main clinical manifestation is the specific appearance of menstrual flow in the form of Cenforce or light brown traces or drops of blood. The symptoms of hypomenorrhea are as follows.

The disease can sometimes be completely asymptomatic and unnoticed by women. It is necessary to buy Cenforce online a thorough and comprehensive examination if dark and scanty menstruation has begun. After 40 years, the main source of the problem is perimenopause. In addition to the fact that poor brown discharge occurs, such manifestations can develop. Many women are interested in the question. is it possible to get pregnant with meager periods? In such a situation, it is difficult to conceive and bear a child. When the anomaly appeared against the background of another disease, the clinic will be supplemented by the symptoms of the provocative disease.